Dec 11 2015
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After the success of the event Gathering Presto DN in Pasuruan, we went back to thank the shop sellers and loyal consumers of Presto DN glue in the city of Solo in Central Java by holding gatherings “Presto DN Extra Vaganza Night ” at Wisma Boga Convention Centre Solo Baru Java Central on 26 November 2015.

The event was attended by more than 100 invitations ( resellers and loyal craftsmens Presto DN users ) in Solo and the surrounding area, beginning at 19.30 with dinner. Although the city of Solo was rainIing before the event, did not dampen the spirit of the invitation to present at the location.

After dinner, the event continued with product description Presto DN by representatives PT Polychemie Semarang and demonstration of strength glue Presto DN – Aliphatic Glue with results of 100% material break. Tonight event is very festive with many prizes distributed to the invitation as a door prize. The main door prize, Home Theatre won by Mr Triyono of Solo. The entire invitation also receive goodie bags to take home as a free gift.

Thank you for the guests, team Ekamant Indonesia PT headquarters, offices Solo, Yogyakarta and Semarang and Semarang team PT Polychemie office. Until we meet again in the next event. PRESTO GLUE IS MORE STICKY !!!!

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