Oshika Corporation

Oshika Corporation is proud of its 60 years of history in the developmentment, manufacturing and the supply of its adhesives. They produce adhesives, adhesive-related products and materials for the wood treating and ecological products. The Oshika Corporation manufactures and markets adhesives, industrial chemicals, plywood and processed wood products. Like, PT. Polychemie, the Oshika Corporation also manufactures adhesives used in laminated wood, plywood, and overlay applications. The Oshika Corporation was formerly known as Oshika Shokai.

The company was founded in 1905 and originated in Tokyo, Japan. Yoshitaro Oshika, their founder, established Oshika Shokai Co., Ltd. in Nagoya for a business in Asyu indigo and indigo-dyed textile yarn. From there, Oshika continued to set up various joint-ventures and obtain its many global partners. In 1993, we became the sole distributor for Franklin International (USA).