PT. Polychemie Asia Pacific Permai is an Indonesia-based, family
business, which has over 30 years of experience in manufacturing
adhesives and polymer-based products.

We are an ambitious company that strives to expand through
continuous innovations. We also believe in providing our clients
with the best value, which includes offering the best product with
the best quality, as well as the best service.

Our innovations are made based on our “Kaizen Culture”, which
reflects Polychemie’s consistently high performance, by providing
our clients with the best value.

The Kaizen culture encourages us to work toward continuous
improvements. We learn from existing markets and construct
prospective strategies based on this knowledge.

PT Polychemie’s continued excellence is driven by the execution of our collective corporate goal. Our improved vision gives us a way to reach that goal. It also illustrates the objectives we have in driving our company towards prolonged success. It gives our clients the ability to envisage our aspiration of proving the best value.

Last but not least, Polychemie would not have achieved its current
success without the people working in it. We treat each other as
family members and that is how we aid in making our vision a

Mr. Jeffrey K. Hambali
Founder and Managing Director

1980 – Establishment of PT. Polychemie Asia Pacific Permai

1982 – Surabaya Branch

1989 – Bandung Branch

1993 – Sole distributor for Oshika Corporation (Japan)

1995 – Establishment of PT. Poly Oshika, a joint venture company with Oshika Corporation for production of API Glue

1995 – Sole distributor for Franklin International (USA) for B3 / D3 Glue

1997 – Sole distributor for Air Products and Chemicals Inc., for Speciality Additives

2007 – Semarang Branch

2009 – Sole distributor for Ashland Hercules (USA) for NAF Glue -Soyad

Mr. Jeffrey Hambali, Founder and Managing Director


ith over thirty years of experience in the manufacturing and selling of adhesives and polymer-based products, Mr. Jeffrey Hambali promotes a “Kaizen Culture” of continuous improvement to constantly motivate his people in giving his clients the best value. Mr. Jeffrey Hambali’s story of success began when he transferred to the University of New South Wales (UNSW) and completed his Bachelor of Science in Industrial Chemistry and his Masters (MEng.Sci.) in Industrial Engineering in 1976. He was introduced to working with adhesives for the first time at British Paint, Australia. Mr. Jeffrey Hambali also took the opportunity to work as a Technical Service Manager at PT Hoechst Pulosynthetic and moved-on to take the position of a Marketing Manager at PT Henkel Indonesia. Using the experiences he gathered working in these companies, he soon founded PT Polychemie Asia Pacific Permai, a local leader in adhesives and polymer-based products. Mr. Jeffrey Hambali’s passion for creating innovations in industrial and retail adhesives is apparent in his involvement with the people of Polychemie. To provide the best value for his clients, Mr. Jeffrey Hambali believes in providing the best product, best quality and best service. His commitment in the lab made it possible for Polychemie to become the competitive company it is today.

Mr. Charles Hambali, Technical Director


aving completed his Bachelor of Science and Masters (M.Chem) in Analytical Chemistry in 1979 from the University of New South Wales (UNSW), Mr. Charles Hambali soon found his passion formulating adhesives. To further his knowledge about polymers, Mr. Charles Hambali decided to work at Galen Pharmaceuticals at Miranda, NSW, Australia.  Acting on both his own and his elder brother’s (Mr. Jeffrey Hambali) desire to make specialty chemicals and adhesives locally available, the two started to build PT. Polychemie Asia Pacific Permai in 1980 with the knowledge and experiences they had gathered during their youth. Mr. Charles Hambali’s aspiration was to give people the chance to utilize better quality adhesives locally. His dream was made possible through Polychemie

We provide you with the



We know people want a reliable company. Here, our philosophy is to give you the best value: best product, best quality and best service. Our clientele and reputation proves that we are the best at what we do. We recognize your needs and have the resources to fulfill them. We know our products well because we manufacture and strive to create new and better ones every day. That is why we are able to give you the opportunity to choose from a numerous range of products. If you ever need to talk adhesives, Polychemie is your guide.