FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

+ Is PT Polychemie Asia Pacific Permai a trading company or a manufacturing company?

Basically, the company is both a trading and manufacturing company with the aim of providing our customers with a complete line of adhesive solutions for all industries. Please visit our “Products” page to see a list of our self manufactured products and our “Global Partners” page to see a list of products that we distribute.

+ Where is PT Polychemie Asia Pacific Permai located?

In order to serve our customers anywhere they are we have set up offices all over the country in order to best serve them. Our head office is located in Jakarta, Indonesia with branch offices located all over the country in Bandung, Semarang and Surabaya with two sales offices in Medan and Banjarmasin. For  our contact information, please visit our “Contact Us” page.

+ Does PT Polychemie Asia Pacific Permari hold an exclusive agency right in Indonesia?

We hold the rights to exclusively sell several products in Indonesia in order to complement our own line of adhesive solutions. These products include: a full line of adhesives from Franklin International (U.S.A) and Oshika Corporation (Japan), Soyad – an environmentally friendly line of soya bean based adhesives from Ashland-Hercules (U.S.A), and a full line specialty additives from Air Products (U.S.A). For more information, please visit our “Global Partners” page.

+ Can we request a free sample?

Of course! Just visit our “Contact us” page and write to us about your specific needs. We will respond to your message as soon as possible

+ Online Shopping Procedure

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